Play hundreds of games HERE and JOIN US ON FACEBOOK VIDEOSLOTS-ON-LINE-FACEBOOK´S GROUP ENGLISH: Microgaming has recreated their current slot game, Sterling Silver, in a 3D version. Strangely, you need classic, 3D glasses in order to play in 3D which is quite a different approach than other 3D slots out there that don’t require a trip to the toy store or magic shop to play. Still, you can turn 3D mode off if you weren’t able to track down those old, red and blue 3D glasses.

SPANISH: Microgaming ha recreado su juego de tragamonedas actual, Sterling Silver, en una versión en 3D. Extrañamente, usted necesita gafas 3D clásicos, con el fin de jugar en 3D, que es un enfoque muy diferente de otros tragamonedas en 3D . Sin embargo, puede desactivar el modo 3D , si no pudieron conseguir esas gafas 3D antiguas, de color rojo y azul.